Maternity and Newborn

Making a tiny human is all glowing, fairy dust and rainbow dancing for some women, but it’s also aches, pains and tiredness for others. Either way, it is a truly unique event in a person’s life and certainly one that needs to be captured in photographs (ideally -for a regular pregnancy- when you’re around 32-36 weeks pregnant).

Once you have welcomed the baby on this side of the world, you are going to be so in love and so exhausted that you will probably forget about photographs if you have not planned for them ahead! The best newborn pictures are taken when (a full term) baby is between 4-12 days new. All the little features, the tiny fingers and toes, the way they curl and the way they sleep for hours (yes… sorry but that’s probably going to end soon!) change from one day to the next to never come back. Let me capture all of it.